Tuesday, 15 May 2012



My sister came today and we decided to nominate our dad for the TV show 60 Minute Makeover as his house looks like a squat...as you can see...

We wrote.....

Dear 6o Minute Makeover Team

We are nominating our dad to have a 60 minute makeover because at the moment his house is unlivable.  He has lived there for around 14 years and has had not redecorated or updated the furniture in that time.  

At the moment he has stuff piled up in every room and has to sleep on a mattress on the living room floor surrounded by boxes.  There is no space for him to even walk around; the carpets have no underlay and are not fitted properly they are coming up in places and frayed.  Part of the reason he has everything in boxes is because about a year ago his 2 friends began to help him redecorate so he packed everything away, however this plan was quickly shelved as our dad's work commitments became too much and one of the friends that was helping had a close family member who became seriously ill and as a consequence the friend now has to spend much of her time as a carer in Hastings.

At the moment no one can even go and visit him in his house because of the state it is in and he is quite embarrassed about it.  This all started about 5 years ago when his beloved dog Pirate died of old age after 18 years of companionship, around this time his relationship with his partner also broke down.

Our dad has no time spare to do any improvements even though he has wanted to for a long time, as he works 7 days a week in 2 jobs; one as a fundraiser for the .................Hospice and his other job is at an antiques centre working for a friend.  
If our dad had a 60 minute makeover then he could finally have a relaxing nights sleep in his bedroom in a proper bed for the first time in years, he also would be able to have family and friends over to visit him once again.  He would also love to for the grandchildren to be able to stay some weekends and invite people over for a Sunday Roast instead of always having to eat at other peoples houses.

We have attached some images of the inside of his house...we would be so happy if he was chosen, we know that he would be overjoyed.

we also ate chinese 

i sold the kids 4 poster beds so they can move into the small room and i can have a bedroom!! 

and i got my new stairs carpets even though i haven't finished glossing yet i will have to cover with sheets and use masking tape
lol u can see where I've not glossed


My friend Lori over at http://poisonbella.blogspot.co.uk/ give me jokes cos the other week i was filling out forms online to order everyone free samples and I went on some US sites and ordered her some stuff and today she got post and it was a sample of DEPENDS

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  1. hahaha still laughing at the depends! wow your house is such a difference from your dads. yes he really does need a make-over. that would be really great! NOMINATE HIM! thats good that you have a bedroom i remember you said you were sleeping on the couch for a while. you should give a tour of your house. that chinese food looks so good! i like that plate!